The appearance of your windows will affect the overall look of the commercial or residential property. Did you know that windows are more efficient when they are cleaned regularly? From the insulation benefits to the floods of natural light that pour through the glistening panes of glass, you can easily enhance the exterior and interior appearance when regular window cleaning tasks are performed. Insects, dirt and impurities, when removed, will contribute to an inviting atmosphere. Instead of attempting the job without assistance, use the following advice for seeking out a window cleaning professional.

Are They Registered?

A lot of window cleaners will go from property to property in the hope of making money using a squeegee and rag to eliminate dirt and debris from the windows of residential and commercial customers. Although this can be tempting, it’s vital that you check if he or she is registered to perform the job, so as not to waste time or money. There is something called the Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF), which every respected window cleaning professional must be a member of in order to perform duties. Visit the website to find members in your local area, and be sure to ask for references from friends and family.

What Equipment Do They Use?

If the professional window cleaner is using equipment that you already have at home, why bother spending money on their services? Someone working in this industry should prove that they have the ability to perform the job to the best possible standard by using up-to-date tools. Some important supplies include:

  • Super swivel and swivel plastic squeegees
  • Extension poles
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Pouches and holsters
  • Multi-surface, plastic and glass scrapers
  • Gloves
  • Harnesses
  • Detergents, chemicals and resin
  • Ladders and safety equipment

The Company Profile

Never overlook the importance of inspecting a company’s profile prior to working with them. This is essential because not only does it give you an insight into the experience of each window cleaner working for the business but also, it allows you to find out if the workers maintain liability insurance. Insurance coverage of this kind will protect the window cleaner financially and legally if an injury or damage occurs on the grounds of your residential or commercial property. The professional should also abide by a certain code of practice.

There’s no need to waste time searching for window cleaning professionals, because the team at Window Cleaning 2 You are skilled at removing window debris and dirt. For more information, call 0403 530 530.