Since Florida voters amended the constitution to authorize the use of compassionate medical marijuana in Washington, many medical marijuana clinics in Longview have appeared.

Locating medical marijuana clinics in Longview is not difficult. There are many of them, and most are easily recognizable. However, you should locate one who can truly help with symptom management and not one that doesn’t care about you or your condition.

How do you find a reputable cannabis clinic?

When looking for a clinic, ask the receptionist about the clinic, the doctor, office hours, and location.

Research the doctor’s information at the Washington Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use website. Only a doctor certified by the state of Washington can make a recommendation for medical marijuana.

A reputable clinic will request a copy of your medical records from your other treating physicians.

The doctor will perform a complete medical examination and review the medical history. The exam can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half. If a doctor does not perform a physical examination and medical history review, then they are not complying with state law.

The doctor must diagnose your condition, educate you on the risks and benefits of medical marijuana, and take an active role in your care and treatment.

Reputable doctors and clinic will schedule follow-up appointments.

Doctors encourage their patients to ask the doctor questions. Ask questions such as how will medical marijuana influence my day? Will it interfere with my other medications? What are the side effects?

It is not unit the patient attends the first appoint and meets the qualifying conditions that a recommendation for medical marijuana is made by the doctor.

The goal is to treat the patient’s symptoms and not get high or form an addiction. Patients should take an active role in managing their health care.