Whether you are a performer or you are climbing the rungs of corporate success, a fantastic photograph is definitely one of your greatest assets.

Most people take snap decisions based on what they see in a picture. This is all the more so if you are into showbiz. In fact, sometimes, a good headshot is the secret to clinching the role of a lifetime.

However, as good photographers anywhere will tell you, a great photograph is not just about a pretty face. A lot depends on the technical finesse and the creative talent of the photographer. That is why you must choose your photographer with care.

Tips on choosing a headshot photographer in California

Referrals: California is the land of the beautiful people. So, it is only natural that there is an abundance of talented photographers here, which makes picking the right person a formidable job. One of the best ways of choosing a good photographer in California is through referrals.

If you have friends, relatives or an agent who has worked with a talented photographer in California, you can contact them for their services. Alternatively, if you observe that someone possesses a nicely done headshot, you can ask for contact details. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Local magazines, trade publications and the phone directory are also rich resources when it comes to information about photographers in the California region. However, you would have to see tangible proof of a photographer’s talent before you decide to use them.

Cost: If money is not a constraint, things are easier for you because you do not have to consider cost cutting. That said, it is worth remembering that a photographer who charges $1,000 need not necessarily be a top notch photographer. You could probably get a similar, if not better, picture from a photographer who charges much less. The point is, cost alone cannot determine the quality of the photographer. Reputation, client testimonials and actual photographs alone can do that.

Appearance: Most people decide to get their headshots done when the need arises. But, you need to ask yourself if you are looking your best and if this is the best time to get a headshot. Here too, an experienced photographer can be of immense value because they can make suggestions regarding lighting, makeup, background and the angle of the face, not to mention color and expression. You can make up your mind about the quality of the photographer’s work by looking at different headshots and the essence that is captured in these pictures. If the Californian photographer is talented enough to do justice to different kinds of faces and expressions, you can consider hiring them.

Distance: You need to decide whether you want a photographer who is accessible when you are free. If they reside far away and you have a hectic job, your picture will be a project in the making for the next few years! In that case, you must choose a photographer who is flexible and talented enough to shoot on location using natural lighting. Some photographers also provide the services of a makeup artist and offer several wardrobe options.

Consider all these factors before choosing a photographer from California.

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