Your home is your castle but unfortunately homes today do not have drawbridges, ramparts, six foot thick walls or moats to keep unwanted visitors at bay. What we have today though are advanced home security alarms featuring state of the art technology. These systems not only guarantee the protection and safety of your loved ones and possessions, but also peace of mind. According to reports from the FBI, there were about 2,196,971 burglaries in the United States in 2009 alone. If you do not want to become a part of this statistic, make sure you get your home secured with these home security alarms.

Home Security Alarms: Top Features to Look for

Here is a list of features you should look for when shopping for home security alarms.

1. Master Control Panel: The control panel is the heart of alarm systems. Make sure the control panel of your alarm system is unified with all the different components of the security system. It is typically installed on walls or other locations with easy access. It will receive information from the other keypads, sensors and motion detectors, and transmit the information to the security monitoring center in the event of a break in or any other emergency. Some control panels can even be armed or disarmed through the telephone.
2. Back Up Power Supply: It is very essential that home alarm systems feature a back up power supply so that the security system does not fail even in case of a power outage. Look for a system that features power backup as well as a cellular connection to the security monitoring center, so they can be alerted even when the power or telephone lines are down.
3. Motion Detectors: Motion detectors sense movement based on the body heat of the intruder at an angle of 90 degree and up to a distance of 4-5 feet. For maximum coverage, these motion detectors should be installed at corners, so that the 90 degree coverage runs along the walls. Installing these sensors at a height of about five feet will also help to cover ground movement.
4. Door and Window Sensors: In these types of sensors, a transmitter is attached to the window or door frame, along with a magnet attached to the window or door itself. So now, whenever a door or window is opened, the alarm system is alerted. Glass break sensors are also available, which alert the security system by detecting the unique frequency of glass breaking.

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