Parents know that moment of realization when they see that their children’s adult teeth are not growing in correctly – the teeth are crowded, unaligned, or simply crooked. This is when you have to make a really important decision which will affect the smiles of your children forever, and that is finding a really good orthodontist in Cabot AR. You may already have an excellent dentist, but to properly align teeth and to apply braces is best left in the hands of a qualified professional, which is what orthodontists train for. General dentists study for an additional two to three years to apply braces so have the most experience and ability to deliver exceptional results.

How to choose an orthodontist in Cabot AR

Firstly, you need to ensure that the person you consult with is a specialist in orthodontics, and you can check this by looking for an American Association of Orthodontists logo, or the American Board of Orthodontists logo, either on a business card or on the practice stationery. If you need a consultation for younger children, you should enquire whether the orthodontist in Cabot AR has experience with early interceptive treatment. Many orthodontists won’t start treatment until a child’s adult teeth are present, but it is entirely possible to perform orthodontic work before this time. For example, your child might have developed habits such as thumb-sucking, or mouth breathing, or may have a discernibly narrow jaw. These types of issues can be solved early, before they become a serious problem later on.

Find someone who operates with the latest technology

No matter which branch of dentistry you’re involved with, you’ll want to know that the doctors are up to date with the latest methodologies. Professionals should take time to keep studying and to remain at the forefront of their profession. This is particularly true for orthodontists as treatments such as Invisalign are relatively new, and you would need to know that you’re being given every option available. If you’re looking for a new dental practice, it’s advisable to find one that has a range of skills available from general dentistry, to having an orthodontist, as well as an endodontist. This way you will be able to build up a relationship with the staff there and they will have a full understanding of your dental history.