Digital kiosks are a specialized type of computer workstation that contains special hardware to enable person to computer interfacing that helps provide different types information to users for many different things. These types of kiosks are used for entertainment, education, communication, and much, much more. It has been shown that kiosk usage promotes brand loyalty as well as brand dispersion, which are both important factors to business owners today.

The merging of new age technology and science allows digital kiosks to provide a wide range of services. Today, these types of kiosks are part of everyday life and are seen in places like banks, grocery stores, movie theaters and airports. Typically, the placement of these types of kiosks coincide with high volumes of people. These types of machines enable more service, while decreasing human man power needed on a particular job or at a particular place. Kiosks have been called lane busters because they speed up processes that used to force consumers to wait in large arduous lines, like at grocery store check outs and hotel lobbies.

The original self-service kiosk was created at the University of Illinois by a pre-medical student in 1977. This first self-service machine enabled visitors and students to access information about the college campus as well as information about bus schedules and extracurricular activities. Interestingly, over 30,000 people waited in line to use this new type of interface in the first six-weeks it was debuted.

Digital kiosks have streamlined modern culture in many different venues, one of the most important being hospitals and medical clinics. The implementation of kiosks in the medical setting allowed for faster check in and aided in the speed of the determination of severity. These small time saving measures don’t seem like much, but over the course of medical kiosk usage, many lives have been saved because of the efficiency granted by these machines.

Kiosks also streamline the operations of many more, less important activities. Photo kiosks allow for the user to download digital photo content onto the kiosk where the user can then edit and print in one convenient location, without even having to talk to store personnel. This type of streamlining is also found in self-checkout lanes in the grocery store. Having these kiosks in place frees up man-power for other more essential activities while also allowing the costumer to have a quick, efficient experience.

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