The shape of a diamond can make a dramatic difference in the way it looks set in the band. Some prefer more traditional shapes, like the standard round, while others like fancier shapes, such as the heart or marquise. While diamonds exude a brilliant colorless or colored hue that is unlike any other gemstone, the cut makes all the difference in its final look. While they can be found in many sizes and hues, each has a look all its own. Learn more about your various options when it comes to diamonds before making a decision at the jewelry store.


One of the most popular shapes in diamonds is the classic round cut diamond. This precise cut brings out all of the sparkle that diamonds are known for. Round diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings, as they are simple yet classic. If you are shopping for diamonds in Fairfax, there are a plethora of choices that implement the classic round diamond.


Marquise diamonds display a striking cut that is slender and elegant. With the length twice as big as the width, marquise diamonds give the illusion of a larger stone. These diamonds come to a tapered point at each end, giving the diamond an elongated look.


One of the more modern, and desirable of cuts, is the princess. Often used in yellow gold, white gold or platinum rings, the princess cut diamond is the epitome of elegance. For women who prefer more of a contemporary style, the slightly rectangular look of the princess diamond with its pointed corners and detailed facets boost the diamond’s natural sparkle.


Oval-cut diamonds are another popular choice for diamond jewelry lovers. This shape pairs well with wider ring bands and ring bands that have accent stones. Due to the nature of the cut, oval diamonds seem to have more sparkle and shine than other cuts.


Similar to the shape of a teardrop, pear cut diamonds are rounded at the base, extending to a point on the opposite end. Their unique brilliance and elongated shape is able to accentuate any piece of diamond jewelry.


Radiant-cut diamonds are rarer than other cuts, but just as beautiful. With its clean geometrical lines and stunning sparkle, the radiant diamond has a signature look that no other diamond shape can compare to. If you’re looking for diamonds in Fairfax and desire something truly unique, radiant-cut is the ultimate choice.

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