Molldrem Family Dentistry can take care of all of your family’s dental needs that are of a general service nature. Their team can take care of even your more advanced dental needs, consisting of such services as Restorations, Cosmetic dentistry, 21st century Hygiene care, Laser dentistry, Digital X-Rays and all of the patient comforts that your family needs.

As an adult, if you lose a tooth you will either need a bridge or you will need Dental Implants in Eden Prairie . Dental implants are a procedure where a new tooth is grafted right onto the bone in your jaw. This makes the replacement tooth even stronger that your natural teeth. Because your implanted tooth or teeth are not growing teeth, they can’t get cavities and will generally not stain so they can out last your regular teeth if you don’t take care of them.

There are several reasons that you may find yourself in need of Dental Implants in Eden Prairie. You could go to a swimming pool and fall and knock a tooth out on the side of the pool. You could try to catch a foul ball at a baseball game and get a tooth knocked out. You could lose a tooth in a fight or you could get a bad tooth disease and need to have a tooth removed and need it replaced. When your general service dentist decides that you need Dental Implants in Eden Prairie, they will refer you to their cosmetic dentist that they have on staff.

Once the cosmetic dentist examines you, they will set an appointment to remove the tooth that needs removing or begin the process to implant your new tooth. Usually this can be done with a local, but most people prefer to be knocked out for the procedure. The cosmetic dentist will discuss all of the possibilities and do a great job for you so that you can continue to get your regular check-ups and cleanings from the general service dentist that you are accustomed to seeing. Then you will have a great smile with your newly implanted tooth.

Don’t put off any of your family dental needs. Get on a schedule of regular check-ups so they will all have bright shiny smiles.

Looking for Implant dentistry in Eden Prairie? Feel free to contact Dr Molldrem. He has being providing family dental care for over 12 years and enjoys working closely with all of his patients to help them maintain a healthy, bright smile, and build lifelong relationships!