Helping connect plastic and rubber tubing at various angles, cuffs are useful for navigating difficult installations with ease. With custom injection molding capabilities, these cuffs can be produced to achieve the extremely specific sizes and angles, according to the application. A qualified injection molding manufacturer will offer a host of injection molding services, including medical device injection molding, clean room molding and custom blow molding, to name a few.

With injection-molded cuffs, you can achieve the most difficult designs with ease. From a straight 2” cuff, to 45 degree angle elbow cuffs—many custom designed tubing applications rely on these for any sudden changes in direction or splitting off of the tubing. Manufacturers can supply cuffs in various sizes and configurations, and can even use injection molding services to fabricate custom designs for your application. From healthcare, to industrial and energy—injection molding services have served various industry needs.

Quality manufacturing through CNC techniques is one of the major factors playing into a manufacturer’s efficiency. By having computerized manufacturing techniques, a manufacturer can ensure every piece can be produced at a large scale with unmatched quality and precision. From medical devices to plastic cuffs for tubing—the uses for plastic injection molding services are nearly limitless. Find out more about how professionals in your industry build out their designs into full-scale production.