What you really need to do is to get your name on the first page of the Search Engine. Most people who are searching for a particular site are in a hurry. Well everybody seems to be in a hurry don’t they? You need to get to the information as fast as possible, and the more the internet speeds up, the quicker we need it to be, so your advertisement on the first page of Google or any other search engine is the optimum.

The trick to getting your name out there as quickly as possible is to use SEO. That is Search Engine Optimization. It sounds very technical, and for some computer users it probably is, but the experts in Search Engine Optimization find it quite easy to get your name as high up on the list as possible. You need clicks – that is all – clicks.

If you are looking for a person or a company in Houston, Texas, then let me tell you about the one that I found. I had heard about Search Engine Optimization and did wonder what it was about. People I do business with all seemed to know about it, but I was selling my wares from a shop and so I thought that I didn’t need the help of a computer. I had all the passing trade I needed. I ordered on the telephone and I did my books myself. My daughter told me many times that I should have a computer and eventually I succumbed. I had one installed and my daughter showed me how to use it

I looked up Search Engine Optimization in Houston Texas because I was certain I would find a local company that would be able to help me get my business to do better. Passing trade is OK but if I could source my goods at a cheaper price and get people to buy my wares on line I would be much better off.

I found an advertisement for Search Engine Optimization on the first page of the search engine that I always use and gave them a call. They were so helpful and explained to me in language that I could understand and better still, they didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing ‘computer speak’. They pointed me in the right direction and for not a great deal of money I have an ongoing contract with them and oh boy has my business increased. I have been able to buy my teenager a nice little car.

I have a fairly large mail order business going now from the shop and I hope soon to be able to take over larger premises and to engage more staff. I know that my increase in business is due to my website and with the Search Engine Optimization working on my behalf my business is going from strength to strength.

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