Sisal is a natural material that comes from a member of the Agave and is found in Central America. The leaves of this tree are sword shaped and quite durable. Once the crown has been harvested the leaves are stripped to expose the durable inner fibers. Because of the inherent properties of the fiber; strong, flexible and durable, they are used for a variety of things, rugs being one of them. As the rug is all natural, sisal rug cleaning in Charlotte NC must be done with care otherwise you may shrink the carpet or even make the stain worse.

The enemies of sisal are moisture and humidity, as a result a sisal rug should only be used as an area rug where it is known to be dry and it is unlikely that any spills will take place. Keep the enemy of sisal in mind when cleaning the rug, if you were to use a large amount of liquid there is a very good chance the rug will shrink, thereby distorting the original shape. As well as ruining the shape of the rug, the liquid may wick the dirt to the surface which will only make the stain larger. If you want a sisal rug in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic and a high probability of it getting wet, then a synthetic version is highly recommended.

If any liquid should spill onto a natural fiber rug you must action rug cleaning in Charlotte NC immediately. The recommended procedure is to blot the liquid with a dry cloth; do not rub the liquid as it will penetrate into the fiber. If at all possible, turn the rug over and blot from the underside as well. If the liquid was something that had the potential of staining clean the stain with a solution of 50/50 water and vinegar. Remember, do not rub the stain, dip the cloth into the solution, blot it on the stain and then blot dry with a clean cloth. It may take a number of attempts before the stain is removed but do not use a great deal of water.

Getting dry material off a sisal rug is not difficult, it can be scrapped off with a dull edge, a wooden knife is ideal. There are also powder cleaners which have been formulated especially for sisal, these products are readily available. To keep your sisal rug looking good for years, vacuum it regularly, you will add to the life of the rug as it is the embedded dirt that damages the fibers.

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