As a car owner you always have the choice of taking your car where ever you want it to be repaired. There is no compulsion that you have to go to any one particular collision repair shop in Corvallis, OR, just because that shop was the one advised to you.

Ask friends and family

You can ask any family member or any friend if they have recently had any collision repairs done to their respective vehicles. If they have had some repairs conducted that you could always ask them if they were satisfied with the work done on their vehicle. If they are happy with the place then you have one more added to you list of options and if they are not happy then at least you know of the places that you should not be going to.

Ask your insurance agent

Most insurance agents generally know some of the best collision repair shops in Corvallis, OR. They generally know of the places where most of their clients go for their collision repairs to their vehicles.

I-CAR Certification

When you do visit a collision repair shop in Corvallis, OR, you need to check for their certification in the industry. If a shop has been rated as “Gold Class”, then you can be sure that it is one that gives emphasis on the education of its employees, thus ensuring you of the fact they know what is wrong with your car and how it should be repaired.


There are special equipments that one will need when repairing vehicles that have been damaged in a collision. So this will be another one of the aspects that you have to look out for when you look for a collision repair shop in Corvallis, OR.

The shop and its features

Now when you look for collision repair shops in Corvallis, OR, it is advisable to also look for employees who have experience and who have been working under the same management for a long duration. Moreover, the whole area in and around the shop should be neat and clean. This shows that the shop respects its business. If possible, look for customer feedback about the shop and its history. There is no point in believing in a lifetime guarantee provided by a shop that has gone out of business. There is a customer satisfaction index which rates the satisfaction level of the customers with the type of work of the shop.

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