Everyone loves to get pampered and unless you are offered this every day in your regular life, you’ll likely want to achieve it on vacation or a business trip. These times are meant to be different from regular life, so it is important to learn the benefits of luxury boutique hotels and how they can create a better atmosphere for relaxation.

Higher Standards

If you have ever had a poor experience at a chain hotel, it was likely due to the poor standards of the building and staff. You don’t want to walk into your room and wish you were back home, just like you don’t want to wait for staff to serve you or be told you can’t have something. High standards with luxury boutique hotels are much different than with traditional rooms because they hold everything to a higher standard, including the items within the room.


You want to feel pampered, no matter what that means for you. Everyone is different and requires different needs to feel as though they are on a cloud. This may mean calling room service at 3 a.m. or having a bathrobe laid out on the bed for you to slip into after your morning shower or nightly bath. Whatever you want is what they want to give, so you’ll feel pampered and relaxed throughout your visit.

High-Quality Items

Everything you see should be of high quality, including the mattress, pillows and service. You want to feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud and not in your uncomfortable bed at home. You want to look in the bathroom and see complimentary shampoo and conditioning bottles that aren’t some no-name brand that will strip your hair. You want everything to be spotless and shiny. In short, you want high quality.

Room Service

24-hour room service will likely be included with all luxurious hotel offerings because they want you to feel like a new person. You couldn’t call out to a delivery restaurant at 3 in the morning, but you can call for room service to bring you a bottle of water or a three-course meal, if you want it.


In most cases, the hotel wants you to be so relaxed and comfortable that you don’t want to leave, even to get a bite to eat, so they include in-house restaurants that you can order from or visit.

Luxury boutique hotels offer many benefits that others cannot beat, such as room service, fine-dining restaurants and higher quality all around. The Jaj of Travel by Janine Cifelli Representation has information about all the best options, so call them today.