Statistics suggest that property crimes like burglary constitute over three-fourths of all reported crimes in America. Over 65% of all reported burglaries occurred in residences, most of which were not covered by home security alarms. As crime levels increase across the country, installing the right alarm system is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

Benefits of Home Security Alarms

Here are the main benefits of installing these:

  • They alert about the intrusion and provide intelligence information necessary for tackling crimes like burglary.
  • Key point sensors (located at doors and windows) warn about intrusions and break-ins.
  • Visible signs of their installation help act as deterrent for criminals, as they thwart break-in attempts. The warning signs can be stuck on doors and windows.
  • Home security alarms are a better method of protection than hiring a guard, as a guard cannot notice all movements around the house. With a properly installed alarm, your entire house is under surveillance all the time.
  • 24-hour monitoring system monitors your residence constantly and sends alarm signals to the monitoring station and the local police station in case of an intrusion.
  • Basic home alarm systems are easy to install, as they come with a users’ guide for installation. So, you do not have to pay for the installation.

Selecting the Right Home Security Alarms

Here are some tips for selecting home alarms:

  • Condos: The easiest building to protect given the limited number of entry points, wireless alarm systems work best here. The only hard wiring required is between the unit and the phone line.
  • Detached bungalow: This requires a perimeter protection system and either a hardwired or wireless system for the indoors. If you have finished basement with plaster ceiling, opt for a wireless system. If the basement is unfinished or with drop ceiling, opt for hardwired systems.
  • Semi-attached duplex house: Choose a system that can be partitioned, with the monthly monitoring costs split among tenants.
  • Cottage: Choose a home alarm system with fire, temperature and flood water sensor if it is located in an isolated place. You can also opt for an outdoor siren with strobe light to deter intruders. Cellular or radio monitoring is also a good option in case your phone line is not connected throughout the year.

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