Before you call your air conditioning repair in Knoxville TN there are a few things you can do on your own at home to make sure your heating and cooling units are running great. Just like your body’s health relies on regularly scheduled check-ups, and continual care and maintenance, your air conditioning unit needs regular servicing to keep it running at its most effective, most efficient level of performance.

While most of the repairs and maintenance check-ups your unit requires will need to be performed by an air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN, the maintenance and general care of your cooling unit are things you as a home owner can do to keep your air conditioning unit running at its best. Regular home maintenance can save you money and the stress of getting caught in the heat of the summer.

The first thing you can do is keep your unit well cleaned. Home cleaning of your unit’s evaporator is possible as long as the evaporator is not sealed shut. For directions on how to clean your unit on your own, follow your user manual or hire an air conditioning repair in Knoxville TN to help you.

Something very easy that you can do to keep your air conditioning unit in top shape is to manage your unit’s condenser. The condenser is the part of the unit that is outside of your home. To keep the condenser in great shape, make sure all grass and weeds are cut back. If long weeds get crowded around your unit, they may block some of the air flow and cause your air conditioner to run at a lower efficiency.

Keep the blades and coils of the unit clean using commercial blade and coil cleaning products. You should not use your garden hose to clean the unit. Apply commercial cleaner and follow directions on the bottle. In the autumn and winter months, you should use a cover over your condenser to protect it from accumulating dirt, dead leaves, and other outdoor elements.

Finally, schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit to prevent serious problems or damage that may occur in your unit over time. Keeping your air conditioning well maintained and in its best condition, you can prevent more expensive repairs and replacements in the future. Don’t let your unit fall into disrepair and be stuck in the summer heat.

Keep your air conditioning unit clean and schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit to keep the system functioning well. Cantrell’s Heat & Air technicians will be happy to help you to service your unit in Knoxville, TN.