Recovering from an auto accident can be stressful, and anyone would understand if it left you in a frazzled, distracted state of mind. This is especially true if your accident resulted in serious injury or major damages for which the other driver is liable. But any auto accident attorneys in Atlanta would urge drivers to be careful about who they talk to and not to let their guard down. In particular, the insurance company of a driver that owes you for medical or material damages may do everything in their power to reduce the payment they owe, often at your expense and without regard to your needs.

An article on highlights the ways in which insurance adjusters work against claimants in cases where the clients they represent may owe substantial damages. Even phrases like “I’m sorry,” according to the article, are often recorded by claims adjustors and submitted as evidence of admission of guilt and grounds for reducing the claim. The article goes on to claim that the other driver’s insurer will use various tricks to try to undermine and cast doubt on your account of the auto accident and reduce their liability. They may take advantage of your confused state to get you to submit contradictory statements, thus weakening your claim, or try to take advantage of your probably imperfect memory of the events of the accident. The article concludes that, “There is essentially no compelling reason to speak with the other driver’s insurer; the only parties you should provide with a factual version of events are your auto accident attorney, your insurer, and the police.” Atlanta auto accident attorneys came out in support of the article.

Your auto accident attorney and your insurer will, of course, be very familiar with the verbal tactics which can be used to weaken your account of the accident and subsequently your claim and will know how to spot them and how to counter them. It should come as no surprise, then, that your first step in an injurious auto accident, after speaking with your insurer and the police, should be to retain the services of an auto accident attorney in Atlanta. An experienced attorney will not only be able to assist with the litigation process in the event that such action is necessary; they will be able to protect you from the people who may try to deny the authenticity of your claim and the compensation you may deserve.

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