The Modded XBOX 360 controllers are special game pads that help players to access better game control and features. The special game pads have been programmed with unique modes that give them greater capabilities than the regular gaming controls. The main aim for the creation of the modded XBOX 360 controllers is to get better action and control from the same game that would be rather slow and boring with the regular controls. You don’t need to buy a new game to enjoy extra features and have better skills with the modded controllers.

Rapid fire is one of the features of the modded XBOX 360 controllers. Rapid fire refers to the capability of the game pad to release many shots from a single fire weapon by holding down the trigger button. The rapid fire mode enables players to fire many shots without having to flex their fingers. There are many other special modes or features of the modded XBOX 360 controllers other than the rapid fire shots.

The modded controllers are also wireless units and this makes them even more convenient for use during those very engaging games.

  • The modded XBOX 360 controllers have quite a lot to offer to game players. The controllers will enable the players to shoot weapons fast and with better aim than other players. This will give them an upper in online games and competitions. The features of the controller will give better aim and reduced recoil force. With such added features, you will not need to buy new games to enjoy better skill levels and features. You can still play your old games with the modded XBOX 360 controllers and enjoy an all new gaming experience with the better controls.

  • Modded XBOX 360 controllers can either be bought pre-modified or the player can buy the mode-kit for adding the modes to the regular game pad. The latter alternative is much cheaper than buying the pre-modified modded controllers. However this alternative is very risky. This is because game corporations such as XBOX have very strict regulations against malware. If the player doesn’t install the modes properly, the games controls may be red flagged by XBOX live. Therefore it is more advisable to buy the pre-modified and pretested custom modded XBOX live controllers which are much more reliable in XBOX live.

  • The modded XBOX controllers can be bought affordably from online dealers. Online dealers offer a much more discounted alternative since they don’t have to factor a lot of capital costs into the retail price of the game controllers as compared to their land based counterparts. You can find modded controllers with a range of special features at very affordable prices.

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