According to FBI, property crimes including burglary, larceny, theft and motor vehicle theft, declined by 2.8% in the first half of 2010, making a seven and half years of decline for this category. However, an increasing number of people are also opting for the installation of security alarm in their homes to ensure greater safety. These are devices that trigger an alarm the moment the security of your home is breached by an intruder. While the market offers a range of models, one should choose a model that has the maximum features and covers a wider area of your home.

Benefits of Installing a Security Alarm

Most construction companies are also installing the necessary wiring for the installation of security alarms in the under construction homes and apartment complexes. Sophisticated alarm systems not only alert the homeowner and police about a break-in, but also have additional features like smoke and gas alarms. Some alarm systems may also be equipped with components that alert homeowners about rising flood waters or freezing temperatures that can cause the bursting of pipes. Security alarm systems may also have intercoms or speakerphones that allow customers to speak directly with the monitoring center.

An alarm system is highly useful in:

  • Reducing the chances of burglaries and thefts. Even if an intruder breaks in, his stay will be shortened by the sounding alarm.
  • Alerting the house owner or the local police, thus raising the chances of thieves being caught quickly.
  • Offering homeowners greater peace of mind while leaving their homes locked
  • Alerting house owners about possible damages arising from a fire, smoke or other threat.
  • Reducing insurance premium that the house owner may have to pay if he takes an insurance policy.
  • It is easy to operate

Every house owner needs to consider several factors before choosing an appropriate security alarm for his/her home. It must begin with assessing the type of security required for your home. One should also compare the various alarms available in the market and choose one that is tried and tested by someone known to you. Besides, monitored security alarms are always better than unmonitored alarms.

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