It is important to make it evident to people (opportunistic burglars) that you have a home security of some kind. ADT security systems have been clear favorite of home owners for quite sometime now. The company’s reputation precedes it. There are several distinguishing features of ADT security like:

  • Installations by professionals – An ADT certified professional helps you install the equipments and guides you through its operation. He also teaches you how to troubleshoot minor glitches that may occur. This also gives you the confidence to install the equipments independently in future.
  • Flexibility – These detection systems can be placed anywhere depending on your needs at any time. You can change their location with ease. You can move cameras, motion detectors and smoke alarms to other locations as you think fit.
  • Battery backup – Besides the primary power source drawn from your home power line ADT security systems are equipped with batteries that will provide power backup in case of power failures.
  • High decibel sirens – Most of the alarms set off a siren which is loud enough not only to wake you but also your neighbors every time a break-in occurs.
  • Infrared motion detectors – These motion detectors detect any unwanted movements in the house. These alarms are programmed to allow your pets roam about freely in the house but they go off whenever suspicious movements are detected.
  • Remote access from key chain – ADT security systems have taken home security a step further. You can now control your security system from anywhere within your home or from a distance of 50 feet using these remote control key chains.
  • Digital keypads – Doors are equipped with these keypads and it only opens a door after you provide the proper passkey. If anyone tampers it or provides wrong passwords, the monitoring centers will be alerted who in turn will alert you and the respective authorities.
  • Wireless – Another convenient feature of the security components are that they are connected wirelessly with each other and the monitoring centers, your personal computers, etc. This helps reduce the use of fuzzy wires.
  • Monitoring Cameras – ADT security systems come with monitoring cameras that can be mounted anywhere. You can connect your laptop to the camera feeds wirelessly and watch over your house even if you are away. These may even be monitored by the off-site ADT monitoring centers.

With ADT security systems you are assured comprehensive and dependable surveillance that can prevent loss and mishaps. To look at the range of security systems provided by ADT you may visit ADS Security, Inc.

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