Apart from improving the appearance of your property and being virtually maintenance free, there are many advantages to installing vinyl siding. It has proven to be an affordable alternative compared to other materials, and offers durability, easy care and style. Because fewer resources are required to maintain and manufacture vinyl, and the fact it’s recyclable, vinyl siding also is environmentally friendly. A vinyl siding services CT contractor provides a number of siding options for your home.

Rugged and Durable

Vinyl siding consists of a combination of PVC and other elements to give it superior color retention, flexibility and durability. Acrylic substances help vinyl to resist extreme weather conditions and dents. In areas that have colder climates, chemicals such as titanium dioxide are added. This helps to resist damage from sun exposure and additionally prevents chalking and fading. In fact, vinyl material retains its color for many years unlike certain metals which have a tendency to wear out.

Blemish and Scratch Resistant

Because PVC resins are mixed together with pigments, vinyl siding features a penetrating color that is far superior to a painted surface. This keeps scratches from being as noticeable. With aluminum or wood siding, any scratches will remove the pigment allowing metal to show through to the surface. Many people that are considering vinyl siding for their house are amazed at the available color choices.

Maintenance Free

One large advantage to vinyl siding is that it never needs painting or scraping as other materials often do. In fact, an occasional washing using a sprayer or hose with mild detergent will keep vinyl looking clean and new. Water doesn’t damage the vinyl siding or gutters and downspouts. Also, vinyl will not crack, rot or rust the way metal and wood does. With proper installation along with an occasional cleaning, you can count on your siding to maintain its appearance and last for many years.

Affordability and Special Features

Some types of vinyl siding include additional options like perforations that permit excess moisture to escape. This helps to prevent mold, mildew and condensation. Vinyl also doesn’t attract insects in the way wood does. One of the most important benefits of vinyl siding is affordability. Because of its price and quality, vinyl has become one of the most utilized synthetics. Typically, it runs anywhere from twenty-five to fifty percent less than aluminum or wood. A vinyl siding services CT professional offers quality products that provide great value for your dollar.

New siding on your home is one of the best ways to instantly increase its value and appearance. You can count on Turner Home Improvement for quality vinyl siding products and affordable prices. To learn more about our home improvement services, please visit us at Turnerhomeimprovement.com.