No matter what type of project you’re undertaking, you can get what you need from industrial fastener suppliers. You’ll find every type of fastener you need among a wide inventory of options, but it will be up to you to know which fasteners are ideal for your project. This brief guide identifies a few options that are commonly used to help you narrow down your choices.

Hex Bolts

If you work around heavy machinery or in the construction trade, you’ll see these bolts used very frequently. They can be used in combination with a nut, or they can be tightened into place when driven into a tapped hole.

Wood Screws

When you’re connecting two pieces of soft material, such as wood, you’ll need a broader thread that can wind through the grains. Wood screws are ideal for this purpose since they can be screwed into place relatively easily and won’t cause splitting of the boards.

Socket Screws

People use these screws every day even though they may not recognize the name. These are the screws that utilize a special set of Allen wrenches and they get their names because of the socket in the head of the screw. The screws often have longer lengths, which helps in securing thicker surfaces together.

Lag Bolts

Industrial fastener suppliers also sell lag bolts, which combine the cap heads of hex bolts with the quality of screws used in wood screws. Lag bolts are especially long, making them useful in carpentry and in landscaping projects.

Depending on your task, you may need fasteners that are not listed here. When you visit your supplier for the first time, it’s a good idea to discuss your project with one of their representatives. They can help you choose the best fasteners for your type of project.