As concerns of the adverse health effects caused by electromagnetic fields continue to rise, EMF protection products continue to evolve and become more readily available. There are products designed for both home and office usage to guard against the radiation created by everything from computers and televisions to coffee pots and building wiring. Many products are compact and durable enough for road warriors to carry on their trips to continue protection from harmful electromagnetic fields while away from their home and office to ensure continued good health and overall well being.

Wide Range Of EMF Protection Products Available For The Home Designed For Family’s Peace Of Mind

Magneto-therapy products for the home include energy stimulators that work to alter the energy of water and promote healing in the body to encourage physiological functions in the body. Experts believe that just one minute of using the disc shaped energy stimulator on foods and drinks increases the ability to metabolize active healthy compounds including anti-oxidants. Also available are mats for beds of all sizes that encourage a good night’s sleep by dissipating dangerous radiation levels found in the home. EMF protection products also include cups and bath balls which remove chlorine and heavy metals.

EMF Protection Products Are Suitable For Office Environments

The office is just as toxic as the home, and often times more so. The combination of computers, high-voltage transformers and elevators all can cause non-ionizing radiation that can cause significant illnesses with prolonged exposure. EMF protection can include mats for chairs that dissipate EMF radiation by absorbing electric components users are naturally exposed to. There are cell phone pouches to block electromagnetic radiation and trap it within the pouch. These pouches made exclusively by ADRProVita protect users while not affecting cell phone signal strength or usability.

Health Benefits Of EMF Protection

While the adverse health effects of electromagnet field radiation is in many circles just coming to light, many experts believe that exposure to even small household appliances can lead to destruction of DNA strands, which sadly can result in some forms of cancer. By reducing exposure to non-ionizing radiation caused by electronics, people can keep their minds and bodies healthy. Electromagnetic mats for beds for example, absorb over 90% of radiation while users sleep providing for better rest and time for the body to heal and regenerate.

Science, technology and innovation have come together to find ways to protect consumers from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. From coffee cups and bed mats to cell phone pouches and EMF shields these products go far in limiting exposure to these toxic, and potentially deadly radiation fields. Insure your family’s health with an EMF protection strategy.


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