If you’ve been in an auto accident, it can seem like you are now at the mercy of every one else: you are dependent upon their schedules, their judgments, or their expertise. It can be very frustrating to feel as though you don’t have any control over what happens next, especially since it is, after all, your car and you are the one who suffered through the accident.

It may help to alleviate some of your frustration to know that in Harbor City, CA, you are not required to get more than one estimate for your car repairs. Despite what your claims adjustor may tell you, if you get one estimate from the one auto body shop that you wish to have work on your car, that one estimate is enough. Your insurance also cannot require you to use a particular shop. You, not your insurance company, have the right to choose which auto body shop you use in Harbor City, CA.

Another option that you have that frequently helps to reduce the level of stress that car accident victims experience is that you can have your car inspected by the claims officer at your auto body shop. It is not uncommon for claims adjustors to try to convince you that you must bring your car to their claims center to have it inspected before you take it in for repairs. While it is true that the vehicle must be inspected prior to any repairs, it is actually the responsibility of the adjustor to get to you and not the other way around. You have the right to take your car to the auto body shop and ask the adjustor to inspect it there.

Your insurance adjustor deals with hundreds of claims for customers, so your accident and subsequent need for repairs will never be as important to the adjustor as it is for you. However, that is precisely the point: It is your car, and you have the right to have it repaired as you see fit.

Yes, you are somewhat at the mercy of those who have to be involved in your auto body repairs, most significantly your insurance company and your auto body shop. However, none of them are the ones who are really in charge. You get to decide what estimates you will get for your auto body repairs. You get to decide which Harbor City, CA auto body shop you will use. You get to decide where your car will undergo its pre-claim inspection. Decide today to insist upon your rights and begin to reduce some of your auto repair frustrations today.

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