If you’ve worked hard for the best part of your adult life, you are now looking forward to the golden years of your retirement. Retirement is a part of life and need not mean the end of your active existence. If you join an active senior community you can expect a fun-filled existence with plenty of recreational activities to add a spark to your life.

A typical active senior community would offer safe, secure, easy to maintain and energy saving homes for people of age 55 and above. As you retire you will have plenty of spare time to kill. When you choose to move to an active senior community make sure you can pursue your interests there, whether they be golf, or aerobics or swimming, volley ball, basket ball etc. When you get older you appreciate the beauty of nature so much more! Ideally an active senior community should be situated close to nature – forests, lakes, mountains or some other scenic spots where you could spend a day.

Homes can be available in a wide range of sizes and floor plans. View the floor plans, ready homes or pre-owned homes your estate may have on offer. Choose an estate that has access to all the necessary amenities like banks, pharmacies and stores.

Once you move to an active senior community, you can cultivate meaningful friendships with your neighbors and fellow inhabitants. Soon you will feel more at home than anywhere else. You can plan outdoor BBQs, golfing or tossing horse shoes in the horse shoe pits. Most residents being of the same age group would ensure you find plenty of similar minded people, sharing similar interests and also having the free time to spend with you. Now that your children are grown, you may have been feeling lonely and neglected, but with new friends you can feel more involved in society once again. An active senior community will have a community room or clubhouse for you to entertain. You can expect wi fi connection, swimming pool, plenty of space for walking and low impact exercise, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi and beauty salon facilities.

Homes can be custom built to suit your tastes. Most homes on such estates are built knowing the fact that senior residents would be living in them. You can expect low maintenance landscaping, underground sprinkler system, better energy savings and insulation. Once you move to an active senior community, you might think you’re living in an up market resort, but at a very reasonable cost!

When looking for an active senior community, you can enjoy super mountain views, golfing and ski facilities in nearby resorts at the Golden Spike Estates.