Hosting live video to cover media events or campus activities on your college website is an effective way of conducting a higher education advertising campaign that will attract potential students to your institution. Students who are searching for a college or university to attend are likely to be both savvy to technological innovation, as well as jaded by colleges who advertise with the same, tired clichés, making similar promises to students. You can do more with your online presence to promote your college than promise individualized attention or make florid remarks about the quality of the local weather. Incorporate live video feeds of student events for the purpose of higher education advertising and to also engage the present student body.

Live video events are a popular way to direct traffic to the website, and they are exceptionally effective at brand-building for the sake of recognition and customer loyalty. People generally prefer the direct communication of personal, one-on-one conversation that occurs when they are in the presence of one another, and live video creates the feel of being present. Whether used to cover popular events, such as a concert, or to capture student group activities, such as sponsoring popular speakers, or whether an event is specifically designed as an outreach to potential students, hosting live events can add a significantly valuable dimension to your college’s higher education advertising campaign by evoking familiarity and building brand loyalty.

A live video event can be streamed when it’s happening, but its real value is likely archival. Once the video is recorded, it can be posted to your college’s profile account at YouTube, embedded from there into your institutional website, promoted in your college blog, and even appended to emails sent to students who have made inquiries in the past.

Many colleges have benefited from the use of a YouTube account as part of their marketing agenda and have discovered that the potential of the inclusion of YouTube and other social networking sites as part of an ongoing higher education advertising campaign is enormous. Videos can be of any length-from 30 seconds to two or three hours of content-and can include a wide variety of information. Students who have access to the type of information you are willing to provide will be more attracted to the college that uses the media both to the user’s functional and information convenience, as well as to the college’s own advantage.

Hosting live video events can be promoted via social networking and email campaigns, and once the event occurs, there is the potential for direct interaction with potential students through polling, surveys, instant messaging, email, and other feedback mechanisms that are included in almost all streaming video packages.

Potential students are, almost exclusively, both savvy to technological innovation and tired of the same college taglines. Higher education advertising must be in the hands of innovators who are in step with your target. specializes in successful communications to this demographic.