Georgia is one of those unique states that has so many different kinds of trees and every kind of tree has unique needs. For example, in Fayetteville, you might see evergreens and deciduous trees, but there may also be an occasional cypress or weeping willow tree. Determining whether or not a swamp tree is healthy is a tricky thing. However, a tree surgeon in Peachtree City GA knows trees very well and can diagnose any tree problem. The tree surgeon can also treat sick trees or remove trees that are definitely dead and cannot be rescued no matter what you do.

Getting the Surgeon to Check out Your Trees

Sometimes a tree that looks like it’s dying really isn’t. It just has an infestation or a disease that is treatable. The surgeon can find the root of the tree’s problem and provide an estimate of what it will cost to treat the sick tree. Something like boring beetles requires a lot of time and patience and pest sprays to save the tree, but it can be done. Don’t assume your seemingly dead tree is dead until the tree surgeon says it is.

Some Trees Suffer Worse Than Others

There are just some trees that can’t manage the number of bug pests that Georgia has. One example is an ash tree, which unfortunately is the favorite food and nesting place of the emerald ash borer.