Sicily is rich with history, beauty and relaxation. Visitors can find experiences in Sicily that cannot be found anywhere else in Italy. The unique history of Sicily, an area that is set apart from the rest of Italy, offers enriching landscapes, historical ruins and incredible cultural experiences. Whether you wish to spend your days on the beach or exploring the sights and sounds of Sicily, there are Sicily vacation packages for everyone.

Scenic Beauty

Starting with Mount Etna, the active volcano in Sicily, you can take incredible tours on foot or by helicopter to view its incredible beauty. This volcano that has been in existence for millions of years has incredible craters and gorgeous scenery that can be explored on your own or with a guided tour to go up higher on the volcano. In the winter months, visitors can enjoy pleasurable skiing activities on Mount Etna.

Historical Sites

Sicily is rich with diverse history. Visit the Aeolian Islands, which are home to gorgeous volcanic islands, or visit the home of the ancient Greek ruins in the Valley of Agrigento. Visit the town of Taormina where you can visit the ancient Greek theater, which still shows films and offers a breathtaking view of Mount Etna and the rest of the amazing city. While in Taormina, visit the Palazzo Corvaja, which is the epitome of the medieval period. You will also find rich Greek history in Sicily with incredible Greek temples that are just as breathtaking as those found in Greece.


Many of the regions in Sicily are along the coastline, which allows them to offer incredible beaches that have incredibly gorgeous sand and unbelievable sites. Spend your days on the warm, sunny beaches, and your nights strolling the streets of Sicily, exploring the exquisite restaurants and wineries Sicily has to offer.


Sicily also offers an exquisite countryside with quaint hotels and incredible scenery. Take a drive through the winding hills, visit the various wineries and take time to relax and unwind on your countryside vacation.

There are numerous Sicily vacation packages to choose from when you plan your Italian vacation. Customize the perfect vacation for you to include time at the beach, in the countryside and visiting the numerous historical sites of Sicily. Whether you plan on spending a few days or your entire vacation in Sicily, you will find everything you have ever dreamed of in your exquisite Italian vacation.

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