Statistics do not lie. When it comes to the boiler breaking down, you can count on it occurring during the colder months. This, of course, is the time when you need it most. More than a major inconvenience, it can be a bone-chilling wake up call. The cure for all this is – according to the experts in Freeport New York, – boiler cleaning and other regular maintenance work.

Why Boilers break down

Why do boilers break down when you need them most? The major reason is quite simple – neglect during the summer months. During the warm time of the year, the boiler sits all alone and ignored. There simply is no need to go look at it or check it out. Who needs it when the weather soars into the high temperatures?

Of course, this is not the only reason. There are others. Some are quick fixes you can take care of. Many, however, require professionals. These include such things as:

  • Broken diaphragms
  • Broken airlocks,
  • Motorized valve failure
  • Broken, malfunctioning or damaged thermostat
  • Broken thermocouple
  • Water leak
  • Corroded pipes

These are but a few of the many issues that can cause your furnace to malfunction or breakdown. Some subtle signs such as unusual noises and heat swings may act as indicators. No heat, leaks or a burnt out pilot light are more obvious signs of trouble with the boiler.

Avoiding Boiler Breakdown

You can avoid many serious problems if you take the right measures. One of the more obvious preventive steps is maintenance. In Freeport New York boiler cleaning is one positive means of ensuring your furnace operates to the best of its ability. Regular inspection of the boiler will also result in reduction of furnace malfunction. By having an inspector annually look at your boiler, you are sure to avoid many of the serious problems that could result in your furnace ceasing to operate. A thorough examination will discover any potential dangers or problems. It will provide you with ample time to replace faulty or worn out parts. If necessary, you can replace the old boiler.

Freeport New York Boiler Cleaning

In Freeport New York, boiler cleaning is one means of ensuring your furnace remains viable. Having it cleaned regularly is one way you can ensure you and your family keep warm all winter long.

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