When you are working on marketing your company, you understand the importance of brand recognition. You want people everywhere to see your logo, slogan or even your company colors and immediately think of you. Whether you are attending a trade show or just walking around the office, having printed lanyards can promote that brand recognition even more. Printing these lanyards with your company logo in your company colors will draw attention from everyone who sees them.

Hold Your Business Cards

One of the biggest problems some business people have is how to safely carry their business cards. Putting them in your pocket can wrinkle and bend them. Your wallet doesn’t likely hold many. Storing them in a holder attached to your company printed lanyard can help you keep your business cards within easy reach without damaging them. When you pull out one of your business cards, the recipient will be impressed by your lanyard and are more likely to remember you.

Pass On a Message

Printed lanyards can carry any number of messages or pictures. While having a nice lanyard with your company logo that features your company’s colors can be a great asset, you can easily purchase more lanyards printed with a special message. For instance, if you are running a special for trade show participants, print up that message on your lanyard so everyone can see it, no matter where you go in the venue.

Badge Holders

Another of the popular uses for lanyards printed in your company’s design is as badge holders for your employees. They will be able to keep their company badge in easy reach. This is especially important if they need that badge to access certain areas of the building or to punch in and out of work. Your employees will love the ability to keep their work badge close at hand. Anyone who visits your company will see the lanyards and can more easily identify who works for you if they have a question.

There are many uses for printed lanyards. You can use these lanyards as a great way to hold your business cards or your employee badge. When the lanyard is printed with your company logo in your colors, it will expand on your brand recognition. In addition to printing these lanyards with your company logo, you may also want to use them to portray a special message to anyone who sees them.

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