Most workers requiring government disability, either long term or permanently, are probably not used to United States disability law like the ADA and the compensation they’re entitled to—or that they aren’t entitled to. If, for example, you’re a worker in Atlanta’s substantial industrial, shipping, or construction sectors, and you’ve been injured or permanently disabled, you may not even be aware of the SSDI or the substantial compensation you may be entitled to from it. The SSDI, the Social Security Disability Insurance program, is a federal program disbursing financial assistance to disabled individuals regardless of their financial situation. Because you, the hypothetical injured worker, may not be aware of the SSDI, how it works, and how to qualify, retaining the services of an Atlanta SSDI attorney can be invaluable to ensuring you’re appropriately compensated.

The qualifications for SSDI on the books are relatively straightforward: An individual can qualify for SSDI if they have a mental or physical condition that interferes with their ability to seek “substantial gainful activity”; if that condition is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death; the individual is under the age of 65; they have accumulated, in general, 20 Social Security credits in the last 10 years prior to the onset of disability, plus one credit for every year of the age of the individual in excess of 42. However, there are a number of factors that can complicate determining whether you meet these criteria for SSDI compensation. Whether or not a condition interferes with your ability to seek “substantial” employment may be murky and contentious and require special substantiation or strategies of proof. Additionally, an average worker may not be aware of how many Social Security credits they’ve accumulated, or even how the Social Security credit system works.

An SSDI attorney will have experience gauging your eligibility under these criteria and knowing how to prove and demonstrate to the satisfaction of the SSDI state office your eligibility for the program. Additionally, an Atlanta SSDI attorney will have experience dealing with the state offices responsible for handling SSDI claims. Although SSDI is a federal program operating under the Social Security Administration, SSDI state offices have a reputation for different work processing practices and generally having their own personalities, as it were. An Atlanta SSDI attorney will likely have experience dealing with the SSDI office in Georgia and know how best and most efficiently to proceed, getting your claim processed as quickly as possible.

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