Technology moves at an extremely fast pace these days. Every year or so there’s a brand new model of a notebook available. But why would you buy a brand new unit when you know that next year it will become obsolete. Maybe it’s time to consider buying Dell refurbished Notebooks instead.

Built “as good as new”, Dell refurbished Notebooks are great for non mission critical uses, especially if you are using them in non-rugged environments. And if your application does not take you beyond easy reach of a computer retailer or repair shop, then a refurbished notebook can make perfect sense – just in case something does go wrong.

An ideal application for Dell refurbished Notebooks is if you want a secondary notebook. Instead of buying a top of the line, brand new, expensive notebook, why not go in for a refurbished one. Secondary notebooks are usually sparingly used. Investing a lot of money on a brand new notebook that you may use only for a few hours a day might not make good business sense.

Many companies have emergency notebooks in store. The purpose of these units is to provide temporary relief to a user whose notebook may have gone in for repairs, or is being upgraded. Dell refurbished Notebooks could be the ideal solution for such situations. Why buy a brand new notebook and keep it in storage, only to be used a couple of times a year? Invest in a few low-priced Dell refurbished Notebooks and maintain them as emergency spares for exactly such a scenario.

If your company has a policy of providing temporary “hospitality” notebooks to occasional visitors to your office, then having a set of Dell refurbished Notebooks used for this purpose could save you a lot of money. Most visitors usually check their email or may use the hospitality notebook for light-duty applications. Investing in high priced notebooks only for an occasional Microsoft Word document or an Outlook application would not be a cost justified move.

Dell refurbished Notebooks make the ideal companion for non front line staff use, such as the security desk, to log in visitors or swipe employee badges. They could also be great for non-critical applications such as recording inventory on a factory floor during the company’s annual stock taking efforts. Applications such as these pose low risk in case any issues arise with refurbished equipment, yet they are non-critical enough to not rate huge investments in brand new notebooks.

So while you may not be comfortable deploying Dell refurbished notebooks in business critical or mission critical applications, they are an ideal partner to support you in almost any non-critical back office application. And while they are reliable workhorses, these refurbished notebooks can save you thousands of dollars from your already strained IT budget.

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