In today’s housing market, everyone trying to sell a home wants to make sure their home stands out among the others on the market. If you get close to a deal and even sign a purchase agreement with a buyer, you still cannot celebrate. You have to then get your home through the home inspector in order for the deal to go through. There is usually a clause in the purchase agreement that allows the homebuyer to back out of the deal if the home inspector finds things wrong with the home that the buyer does not appreciate.

Since home inspections have become so important, you need to know how to prepare for the home inspector. Homes are high priced commodities and there are many that buyers get to choose between in today’s market. It is best to dress your home for success for both the buyer and the home inspector in order to have that sale become a final deal.

The obvious ways to prepare for a home inspector are with a fresh coat of paint and perhaps a little landscaping to dress up the overall appearance of the home. These are great ways to draw in a buyer, but they will not fool a home inspector. In order to get your home past these professional engineers, you will need to go through your home in a thorough manner yourself.

Start outside your house and fix some of the minor things that might have occurred over the years. Look at loose steps, rotten windowsills, missing roof shingles and other items. These small issues could cause a home inspector to concern because they can always grow into a larger problem down the road.

Once you move inside the house, it is important to honestly assess the condition of your home. Make sure you have your heating and cooling system serviced so it is running efficiently. Also look at the minor plumbing or electrical issues the house might have such as leaky faucets or outlets that don’t work. These items are minor, but if you fix them prior to the home inspector visit, you will not have to fix them later and you will show the inspector that you are taking good care of your home.

If you really want to fly through the home inspection process, it might be a good idea to hire a home inspector of your own to go through your house before you place it for sale. Then, once you have a purchase agreement in your hand, the home inspector the buyer hires will likely find very little wrong with your home. Fixing the problems in advance can save you a lot of time and effort later.

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