You’ve probably seen heat transfers and iron-on patches for sale at your favorite hobby and craft stores.  These designs come in many types and often feature popular characters and images.  If you’ve never used any of these heat transfers, you may not be familiar with what they can do.  If you’ve always passed them by, you probably haven’t seen how many exciting designs you can purchase.  Some of the most popular and attractive of all iron-on transfers feature rhinestones, glitter, and metallic effects.  Rhinestone Heat Transfers don’t cost a lot of money and can add a lot of “bling” to any t-shirt, backpack, hat, or pair of jeans.  So before spending a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe to send your kids back to school, buy a bunch of simple basics and embellish them with a variety of heat transfers.

A child’s wardrobe is likely to have many fundamental items; in fact, most of your child’s closet will be filled with these common items.  Short- and long-sleeved knit shirts, jeans, shorts, and simple tennis shoes are some of the most essential items of clothing for any child. Unfortunately, even these simple pieces can be very high priced when purchased at department stores. There’s a way that you can save money and still give your child the look that gets attention. Heat transfers make it possible to easily customize just about any article of clothing. With just a few heat transfers, those plain t-shirts and jeans will look like their high-priced counterparts from expensive boutiques. Rhinestone Heat Transfers in particular give kids’ clothes a classy look that’s unmatched by anything you’ve seen.

Another great thing about using heat transfers to embellish your child’s wardrobe is that they can help you out. Kids love to create a style that’s all their own, and your young fashion designers will happily pick out the transfers they want to put on their clothes. Children are sometimes reluctant to change their shopping habits when it comes to new clothes, but once they see how many fun transfers they can choose from, you won’t hear any argument. Having a heat transfer application party is a fun and productive way to spend the afternoon. Simply gather all the iron-on patches and Rhinestone Heat Transfers you’ve picked out, set out a few bowls of snacks, and plug in the iron. Holding a clothing design party is the right way to begin a new school year.

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