Regularly scheduled brake service in Bethesda will ensure that any worn out brake pads, brake fluid problems or issues with the brake boost unit are diagnosed early thus saving you in costly repair work. Apart from the professional maintenance, there are certain maintenance steps that a vehicle owner can do on their own. There are five main parts in the brake system – the brake pads, calipers, brake lines, rotors and a master cylinder.

Repair and Maintenance of brakes during brake service in Bethesda

The first step in the maintenance is to use the brake tester to check the performance of brake for each of the wheels. Next, ensure that the brake fluid level is correct. Brake fluid level should be checked as a part of regular inspection every six months and the fluid should be replaced every two years or after 50,000 miles. Brake pads should be checked with every inspection. Their average life is about 25,000 km but can wear out earlier depending upon your driving style and terrain. Brake shoes must be changed for every four brake pads changes. Make sure that the brake lights are working and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance schedules.

Most of the issues in the brake system are associated with a diminishing level of the brake fluid, worn out brake pads or brake discs or a faulty brake pump or brake booster. If the brake pedal is too soft, it could be due to vacuum leakage. Discuss the condition with the professionals for brake service in Bethesda for the repair work.

Replace Brake Pads For Brake Service In Bethesda

Replacing brake pads is one brake service that vehicle owners can do on their own. For changing the brake pads, unscrew the wheel nuts and use a car jack to raise the vehicle. After the wheels are removed, inspect the brake assembly, look for any sign of leakages and clean it with a brake cleaner. Next, remove the caliper and secure it to the vehicle with heavy wire. Compress the caliper piston with a c-clamp after the outboard pad is removed. Now that the brake pads are removed and the caliper piston is compressed, inspect the caliper for any leaks or uneven wear and replace as needed. Also, inspect the rotor for ay cracks, grooves or scarring. It might need replacement if you find damage on the rotor. Place the new brake pads in the right location and follow the reverse disassembly process.

Average Cost Of Brake Service In Bethesda

​Brake service in Bethesda can cost from $150-$1000 depending upon various factors. The cost depends upon the condition of the brake pads, rotors and brake lines. If the brake system is damaged, it might need some replace parts. Discuss the cost of the parts and the labor rate for service as you bring the car for inspection.

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