Keeping your home or business cool and comfortable is an important part of ownership especially if your property has a lot of traffic. However, air conditioning equipment can be very expensive to install or replace. This is one reason why HVAC Service in St. Paul, MN is so important. Routine maintenance and service of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is the best way to extend the service life of your equipment, in some cases by many years.

Some companies offer a basic maintenance program which consist of simple cleaning, but most equipment requires a little more work than that. For example, air conditioners need the coolant checked every year and recharged if necessary. Other important aspects of HVAC Service in St. Paul, MN include testing the thermostat, blower unit and condenser for proper function. Still. the cleaning is very important because HVAC systems tend to pick up much of the dirt and debris that accumulates in your home and that dirt gets lodged in the A/C coils or on the blower fan. Neither of these parts are easy for the average owner to access or clean.

Sometimes, no amount of maintenance will keep your current HVAC system running properly and you find yourself looking at new models. You may find that the current versions of A/C systems are much more efficient than the older ones or that the newer models are not the same size and may require a little refitting to make them work in the old space. Changing brands can also require refitting the installation area for the new HVAC system as well.

Selecting a new air conditioner or heating unit can be a tough decision. You need to know how much square footage will be treated as well as how cool you need that area to be. If you purchase too small of an HVAC system then the unit will struggle to keep the building cool.

If the system is too large you are just wasting money which could be put to better use. Discussing your options with companies like Twin City Mechanical can help you select the system which meets your requirements.