As our families grow, either through new additions or because family members need to return home due to the economic downturn, many of us need to add more rooms to accommodate everyone. Due to lack of space or planning codes it is often impossible to increase the size of our properties by building extra rooms on the side or back of our homes. The answer is often to start building upwards. As well as adding living space this will also add value to your home. Before you start, find a good roofing contractor in Fort Collins CO to help you with the design and construction. You do not want to try and do everything yourself and bring the roof down.

Your roofing contractor in Fort Collins CO will be aware of local building codes and be able to advice you on the feasibility of adding loft rooms to your home. They will also be able to create designs to take advantage of the available space, whilst adding features to improve the whole home such as better roof insulation to cut your heating bills.

Some roof space conversions can be done by the home enthusiast, but rooms that do not have enough headroom to stand up, or do not have windows for light and ventilation would not meet any building codes and could end up reducing the value of your property, as you will lose space on the floor below to make space for the roof space access. Involving a local roofing contractor in Fort Collins CO will help you make the right decisions on your project.

Never start changing the structure of the roof itself. The uprights and cross members of the eaves are very important for maintaining the strength and shape of the roof. Removing just one or two could result in the whole roof becoming unstable and falling down. Cutting a hole in the roof to add a window could also have serious implications. As an absolute minimum employ a roofing contractor in Fort Collins CO to do a roof survey and discuss your plans with them so that they can advise you on the correct way to carry out your home improvement.

Don’t take risks, changing your roof as a home improvement project can improve your home if done properly, but without the guidance of a roofing contractor Fort Collins CO it could bring the whole roof down and land you with a bill of thousands of dollars.

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