The work environment is an ever-changing beast. There are a number of modern companies that find a new Office Design in NJ is required. There are quite a few businesses who are actively dismantling their cubicles in favor of creating a more open workspace allowing the workstation for individual employees to work wherever they can plug in their laptop.

Regardless the setup you choose, more and more businesses are making the change to flexible and lean. If you are ready to implement an entirely new setup for your workspace, then you should ask the following questions to determine your specific needs.

Are you trying to encourage transparency and teamwork?

Knocking out the walls and removing cubicles will help to create a more open area. Many managers and top executives are now sitting in open office settings, with all the other employees. This allows for impromptu get-togethers allowing complete transparency for employees and clients. Also, open designs will work to encourage a team spirit. This open floorplan will help to encourage learning, participation and conversation.

How can privacy be achieved when it is necessary?

Even though open floorplans are ideal, it is still essential that you create areas where employees are able to work quietly on various, individual tasks or have a private conversation. Your workers likely spend about half of their time in the highly focused mode, which means that you should have a space that has both “we spaces” and “me spaces.” It is a good idea to create some privacy rooms where there are not any visual distractions.

What is the right amount of space?

Generally speaking, you need about 250 square feet per employee you have. This includes walled work areas that have a desk and computer, as well as room for persona items. This number has recently dropped to 150 square feet, but implementing a “work from anyplace” mindset can help to minimize this need for individual space. After all, there is no need to pay for more space than you actually need. When you are designing the layout of your office, try to keep that in mind, especially if you are going for the open workspace plan.

With the tips here you can create a floorplan that will encourage teamwork as well as superior productivity – both of which are necessary for a successful and growing business.

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