With burglaries and break-ins on the rise, a large number of home alarm companies have come up in the market to provide their services. According to the FBI, total property loss due to burglaries amounted to $4.6 billion in the US in 2009 alone. Although most of these home alarm companies claim unmatched services and state of the art technologies, there are only a few who actually live up to their claims. The huge number of these security companies makes it all the more important for you to select one that is reliable and provides good security.

How to Judge the Reliability and Credibility of Home Alarm Companies

It is crucial for the safety and security of your home that you select a reliable and credible home alarm company. Most home alarm companies will boast about their hi-tech equipment, but that simply is not enough. Here are some factors that will help you judge the reliability and credibility of these companies:

1.Customer Reviews: This is the most important criterion for any home security company. Ask your friends, neighbors and other acquaintances for reviews about the companies they are using and their experience with the services. Research on the internet for reviews about the security company you are eyeing. Research thoroughly from diverse sources.

2.Customer Services: Check the quality of the customer services provided by the security company. If the sales representative tries to close the deal before you can get off the phone, steer away from that company.

3.Central Monitoring Station: Check the alarm company’s central monitoring station. Check whether they actually have the equipment and infrastructure they claim to use. Go for a company that has an established monitoring station and not being run out of a garage.

Home Alarm Companies: Things to Consider

Here are a few things you need to consider before you select a home security provider.

Cost: Compare costs of the home alarm systems provided by different companies. If you plan to get a monitored alarm system, there will be an additional monthly fee, apart from the installation charges of the alarm components and equipment.

Package: Ensure that the package provided by the security company includes all the components, such as the control panel, siren, keypad and motion detectors for both outside and inside the door and window contacts. Also enquire about the warranty.

Response Time: Find out the time it takes for the alarm company to respond to an alarm. Also, check the response time of the local police to home alarm systems.

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