The courts and the entire justice system may seem as if it is a cryptic and confusing place. The reason for that is because laws are written in very formal language which uses a great deal of Latin terminology.

When a person finds themselves charged with a criminal offense, it can be a frightening experience. The charges can be filed due to a traffic stop or an entirely different incident, but the series of court appearances that will follow as the case is being resolved can loom large as the defendant looks toward the future.

Talking to a Criminal Attorney Johnson County KS can help the person who is facing a criminal charge sort through the many implications that the charge could have on their life, both immediately and in the future.

The long term effects of certain charges can be extremely serious and an attorney who is familiar with the criminal court system can explain to a defendant just how this new charge they have picked up could impact their future attempts to find housing, get a job or even vote or own a firearm.

There are varying levels of criminal charge and even the same charge leveled against two individuals could be at differing levels of seriousness, depending on the defendant’s prior criminal history.

Anyone who has found themselves facing a new criminal charge should consider making an appointment with Gilby & Haynes to have an initial consultation about the charges. A simple and brief appointment with the experienced attorney could help the defendant to clarify the choices that may lie ahead for them in regard to their court case.

Criminal Attorney Johnson County KS clients have the advantage of knowing that their attorney is familiar with the judges, the prosecutors and the staff of the local courts. This comfort level that their lawyer has can help them feel more relaxed and confident in the fact that they are being represented by a competent and qualified attorney for their case.

It is always best to get advice in any matter that is important in life. Legal cases are certainly some of the most important matters that can arise during a person’s life and competent advisers are always a benefit.

If you need a competent criminal attorney, call Gilby & Haynes Law Firm, LLP today and receive a free initial consultation with your criminal lawyer, DWI lawyer or drunk driving attorney.