Health and fitness are the major prerequisites in life. The well known adage about health being wealth is not exaggerated at all because only a perfect person can truly enjoy the wealth of life optimally. So, if you wish to enjoy your life to the hilt, you should pay a lot of attention on keeping your health in the pink. There are numerous products in the market which claim to get you fit and healthy. However, if you go by customer reviews, market share and a reputation of reliability, Herbalife products seem very reliable.

Importance of proteins for the body

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They are necessary for cell and fluid development. They help in maintaining muscle mass and strength, besides keeping your skin, hair, bones and nails healthy. Your energy levels are higher when you eat foods which are rich in this nutrient. Proteins are also the most preferred nutrients for people trying to lose weight. Since these molecules are not easily broken down into sugars, your body needs to use more energy to digest proteins and so, burns more calories in the process. For all those aiming at weight management, regulated protein foods and supplements are very essential. Higher consumption of protein powders helps you stave off hunger pangs as well. Lean muscle mass increases and subsequently, your general health improves.

Herba life for a protein party

The Herbalife protein powder has garnered a lot of appreciation from users because of the comprehensive benefits that the product offers. One dessert-spoon serving of this powder gives you 5gm of proteins sourced from nuts, whey and soy. The best part about Herbalife products is the absence of fattening elements and unwanted calories which are present if proteins are extracted from meat, cheese or other fatty products. So, Herbalife gives you only desirable nutrients and in good proportions. Here are some features of Herbalife protein powder.

  • Fulfills daily requirement of proteins by supplements the nutrient
  • Does not cause any undesirable side effects
  • Helps in weight reduction
  • Maintains energy levels and prevents fatigue
  • Does not contain artificial preservatives, cholesterol boosting elements, sugars or carbohydrates
  • Available in tasty flavors which mix well with sauces, soups and shakes
  • Completely vegetarian

How much protein does your body need every day?

Protein requirement changes from person to person. People who are involved in heavy physical activities require more proteins. However, for a person who indulges in normal level of physical activity, protein requirement is calculated by multiplying pounds weight of the body by 0.37 and kilogram weight by 0.8. As a thumb rule, 1.5gms of proteins are required for every kilogram of body weight.

The Herbalife protein powder should be used as a supplement for proteins obtained through food and not as a meal replacement.

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