At the heart of a great many important events and celebrations, you will find a beautiful cake. Cakes make up a huge part of the festivities at weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, and graduations, just to name a few. These cakes are, however, no longer restricted to the traditional sheet cake with a congratulatory message piped in icing across the top. No, today’s cakes are more of a reflection of the people and events being celebrated, and they are often a beauty to behold.

Take wedding cakes, for example. These cakes are traditionally the cake that will hold the greatest significance in a person’s life or a couple’s life together. Wedding cakes have broken out of the mold of the traditional, tiered cakes to become incredible works of art. These custom cakes can be crafted to fit any bridal theme and color scheme. There are wedding cakes that have been made to resemble fountains, and there are wedding cakes that have been embellished to mimic the lace on the bride’s dress. Almost any idea that a bride can imagine can be interpreted in the art of her wedding cake.

Custom cakes have also become very popular for the groom’s cake at weddings. Often, these cakes are smaller and less extravagant. Many times they are used as a way to make a more personal expression of either the groom’s personality or of the couple’s less formal side. These cakes can be designed to reflect a favorite sports team, a favorite hobby, or a favorite vacation destination. Again, though these cakes are often not stunning showpieces like the main wedding cake, they can still be a designed and crafted into a splendid, edible sculpture.

Birthday cakes are also typically the main event of most birthday celebrations. Here again, cake artists are crafting custom cakes that do more than say “Happy Birthday.” Birthday cakes now often reflect the interests and hobbies of the birthday boy or girl. Children’s cakes are no longer simply traditional cakes in bright colors. Modern children’s cakes can be made into a wealth of different shapes and sizes. If a child is interested in race cars, his or her birthday cake can be crafted to resemble a race car. If children are interested in princesses or fairies, cakes can be created to look like crowns or wands. Cake artists are able to build creations that will live for a very long time in a child’s memory.

However, custom cakes are not limited only to weddings and children’s birthdays. Adults have birthdays that they may want to commemorate with an amazing, edible creation. Again, these cakes can be crafted to take into account the person’s interests, hobbies, or even his or her profession.

Creating custom cakes that are astounding and original takes time, talent, and careful attention to detail. Try to find bakers and cake artists who have a portfolio of artfully crafted cakes and who are willing to create a cake that is as individual as you are.

Sweet treats are available for almost any special occasion. For more information on custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, graduations and other events, please visit Tiffanys Bakery.