Many people think that cosmetic dentistry is just about teeth whitening and placing veneers, but it involves more than that. Cosmetic dentistry aims at giving a smile makeover to the patients while making them look unique and sensational. If you are looking for smile makeover, it is important to look for a good and reputed dentist in Port Huron MI.

Here are some services that a dentist offers

Teeth whitening –
The outer layer (or the enamel) of your teeth gets tarnishes due to several different reasons, including chemical degradation, stains from drink and food, ageing, etc. A dentist in Port Huron MI, will whiten your teeth by removing the yellow or brown staining that occurs. Other procedures for tooth whitening include, laser teeth whitening, mild acid whitening, chemical whitening and harsh teeth whitening.

Dental implants –
When it comes to dental implants, a dentist in Port Huron, MI will surgically affix a titanium rod to your jaw. This rod not only serves like an anchor, but also look like a natural set of false teeth. As titanium fittings used in implants allow easy fusing with the bones, they are commonly used in dental implants. Before you opt for dental implants, you need to understand its three common types – subperiosteal implants, plate form implants and root form implants.

Gum Surgery –
The gum acts like a frame where your teeth are placed. Failing to take proper hygiene and care, there are high chances the actual gum tissue may get weak and infected. Moreover, the possibilities of having a gummy smile are also quite high. A successful gum surgery can fix all problems that arise due to your gums.

Reshaping and contouring –
Tooth reshaping and dental contouring are smile makeover procedures that go hand-in-hand. These procedures can correct common teeth problems that people face, like a chipped tooth, overlapping teeth, cracked teeth and broken teeth.

Tooth bonding –
In this procedure, a composite resin filling is usually placed in the teeth. It can be helpful in improving the colour of your teeth, refurbishing the decomposing teeth, etc. moreover, the tooth bonding procedure can also be used for filling up the gaps between your teeth, improve stains and enhance your overall look.

No matter what type of surgery you are looking forward to, it is important to visit a reputed dentist in Port Huron MI. A good dentist will not only inspect your teeth property for errors, but also provide you with the best treatment.

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