People complain a lot about their air conditioning systems. Some of the most common complaints are regarding improper cooling, too much energy consumption, excessive noise and inadequate airflow. Air conditioning problems are caused due to three reasons – improper installation, improper use and improper maintenance. If you experience such problems and require air conditioning repair, you need to get it done by a qualified technician in Beverly Hills at the earliest in order to prevent major breakdown of the system. Read on below for three mistakes in installation, usage and maintenance which could lead to repairs:

  • Installing in a wrong place

One of the most common mistakes is not an improper installation but the installation in the wrong place. The spot which is chosen for installation should be free of shrubbery and foliage because dried leaves and twigs could enter the unit through vents and cause disruption in air flow. Freon leak could also be caused due to this. Installing the unit in a hot place is also a mistake. Choose a place where direct sunlight does not fall on the condenser unit because then, the machine needs to work harder to cause cooling.

  • Putting too much load on the system

Wrong usage puts too much load on the unit. Air conditioning cooling units require brief spells of rest when they work. In the modern day units, thermostats are installed which regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Using an AC which has a programmable thermostat and maintains temperature at a constant level can prevent too much load on the system as well as bring down your energy bills. If you run an air conditioner for long hours without a thermostat, the efficiency of the system reduces. Another factor that puts too much pressure on the unit is turning the temperature way down. Lower the temperature, the higher is the effort that the unit has to exert to cool. Set a comfortable temperature so that both you and the unit can be at ease.

  • Ignoring maintenance

Maintenance is crucial despite all the care that you take in air conditioning usage. You always need to pay a lot of attention to the way the unit functions, in terms of the quality of indoor air, cooling and noise levels. All air conditioning units need to be given an all over service at least once in a year if the usage is sporadic and at least twice a year if the usage is regular. The technician in Beverly Hills who does the servicing can also perform minor air conditioning repair works and get the unit to function at the optimum level.

When an air conditioning unit is installed, used and maintained in the right manner, the life of the unit increases, your energy bills reduce and you can enjoy greater comfort in the well cooled room.

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